Natyra Import

Natyra Import is proud to provide 100% Albanian grown garlic worldwide.

Welcome to Natyra Import

COVID-19 Update: Due to the Current COVID-19 pandemic, national consumption for garlic has increased beyond our forecasted supplies. Because of this, Natyra Import will be importing additional garlic from Albania to cover this unprecedented demand.

Our People

With a full-time workforce, Natyra Import does far more than just fresh garlic. Every one of our heirloom garlic will be run through our Gilroy production facilities: generating fresh garlic, cracked garlic, peeled garlic, roasted garlic, and much more. For every customer’s garlic needs, we have a solution.

To learn more about Natyra Import, Call us +17188449846 or use the form below.


Lagjja Kongresi i Elbasanit
Elbasan – Albania